Oh my God

Okay it may seem like a contradiction to what I wrote before. Never to use God’s name without purpose. So the title of this blog ‘Oh my God’ might not be the correct title. Or it is the right title. It’s up to you to decide.

Yesterday I was in panic mode. We have financial trouble and couldn’t pay a bill. We are trying everything (good things) to earn and to save money but nothing seems to work anymore. Oh my God! Panic! Before I wrote my recent post ‘Oh my God’ meant nothing more than ‘Oh no what’s goin’on?’ But yesterday when I was in panic mode ‘Oh my God’ meant ‘Please God help me, take control, I can’t do it alone!’

I felt like crying, I felt like screaming or breaking things. I was filled with anger inside and every little thing that went wrong felt like a huge thing going wrong. So I did something I’ve learned my self a while ago. Sing a positive song. I don’t know how this song is called in English, even if there is an English version of this song. It’s a Christian song I’ve learned in church.

God of trust, You’ll never change, You reign forever, my source of grace. Highest of Higehest I put my trust in You. Lord I call Your name, again and again. Lord I call Your Name again and agan.

You are my rock when I stumble, You lift me up when I fall. Trough the storm You are my anchor. I put my hope in Your hands.

I love this song, over the years when I felt so weak and alone, listening it made me cry. Not because I was sad. Just because I know God loves me and wants to help me. It’s so good to know that in time’s of panic God is with me and I can trust Him, He has a plan and it will all be right.

After singing the song a couple of times I felt peace in my head and body. I was able to think straight and make plans. God is great! God is Awesome.

and that’s antohter song I love so much. Our God is an awesome God. He Reigns form heaven above with wisdom power love, our God is an awesome God.

So today I still don’t have money. My partner and I prayed to God to help us and made a plan. We don’t want debts and we trust God to help us overcome the money problems.

Sometimes when life goes well, we or in this case I tend to forget God. I pray to God, but I don’t need God. But we need God all the time! I need God all the time. God is not a product like I wrote in my last post. God is important He walks with you trough all the good and the bad times. Don’t forget God in the good times, trust Him and walk with Him. Sometimes when we think all goes well, we need God more than when we think all is going wrong. We need to praise and thank God for the things that we have in life. For all the blessings He is giving us. What I tend to do is to pray and say to God ‘Thank you for what I have but I want…That’s not right, don’t talk to God with your head, talk to Him wirh your heart.

I’ll be honest with you, this is my challenge, not to forget God, to walk with God. After the conversation I had last week about God and what He means to me, I realized that I ask God to help me, but when He reaches out to me, I don’t give my hand. I did not walk with Him. So now I realize that I want tot walk with God, that I need God trough the good and the bad times. I know my challenge will be to maintain the relationship I have with God. To make sure I won’t forget Him when the storm is over.

I used to love watching touched by an angel. I love to see how God empowers people. The series begin with the soundtrack:

When you walk down the road, heavy burden heavy load, I will rise and I will walk with you. I’ll walk with you till the don’t even shine, walk with you every time I tell I’ll walk with you,  believe me I’ll walk with you.  http://lyrics.jetmute.com/viewlyrics.php?id=1225942

So God was reaching for my hand. He was. Because after I realized I did not take His hand I prayed and told Him that I want to walk with Him in everything I do. God might also be reaching for your hand. Just pray and tell Him you want to walk with Him. But remember God helps you in His time. That I walk with God (again) does not make my financial problems go away. But I trust in God that He’ll able us to get rid of the problems like He always does.

God is a God of love, a God of hope He is truly awesome!

I hope you understood my post. I am Dutch and my english is a bit rusty.



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